Friday, February 22, 2008

Excursion of the Week: Hammond's Candy Factory

If you're looking for something fun and FREE to do around Denver, check out Hammond's Candy Factory. They offer FREE tours everyday of the week, except for Sundays.

This candy company has been around since 1920. They still make every lollypop, candy-cane, ribbon candy, and every bit of their hard candy by hand! So, for a fun, FREE, and learning experience; check out Hammond's Candy Factory.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Excursion Of The Week: Hanging Lake

(The image above was taken from David Vandervelde's website.)

A friend of mine suggested I check out a place called "Hanging Lake". After researching this place, I have put it on the top of my list to go and explore!

It is located near Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Here is a website that gives more details about the hike and the best directions.

Check it out!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Maxwell Falls Hike

I've been hanging out around Evergreen lately...So, a local told me about a little hike called Maxwell Falls. I hear the falls aren't all that spectacular but it's something to do. Check it out, if you want.

Save The Prairie Dogs

I just ran into someone the other day that is an advocate for saving prairie dogs in Colorado and surrounding states. Honestly, I've never really thought about the plight of the prairie dogs but after learning that they are an endangered species...well, why not get the word out there about the current extermination plans several cities have for these little creatures. So, here is a link where you can vote to save the prairie dogs...and by doing so you can help benefit the Prairie Dog Coalition.