Saturday, September 20, 2014

It's That Time Again; Aspen Leaf Viewing!

Upon moving to Colorado I began to experience life amidst four seasons (although I will admit the Fall season is seemingly quite short here compared to the other three). There is something about the changing of the seasons that speaks to the soul. Obviously change is a natural part of life. But the way we are able to enter into each season.... and then to see it fade away....and the process in between...there is something about those transition points where you start to notice, for instance, the nights becoming cooler....or the sun going down earlier....the wildlife changing their routines...or the leaves changing their colors....perhaps it makes me feel a part of something greater than myself...and encourages me to be conscious of the world around any case, I have come to love the four seasons (though I still am making peace with winter driving).

 My favorite season, that of fall, encourages me to look for the glorious beauty all enjoy the moment for soon it will the golden, quaking aspen trees do their annual this often times dry, arid climate the splash of yellow, orange and lime are not unlike masterpieces to behold. Soon winter will be here...and the colors more monotonous...but for about 5 weeks in September/October we have the chance to witness nature at its peak color spectrum.

So, get out and let nature brighten up your soul!

I have posted before on popular places and sites: here and here.

And I will also list more of the same below:

(in no particular order...most of the locals know of these.....and basically if you notice that most of them are pass roads...therefore, if you basically just drive in the freakin' mountains right now you're going to see some awesome colors....)

1) Guanella Pass
2)Kenosha Pass
3) Kebler Pass
4) Boreas Pass
5) Peak to Peak Highway
6) Maroon Bells
7) Rocky Mountain National Park
8) Independence Pass
and many others....these are just my favorites but also popular one's

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Denver Biscuit Company; So Good You'll Think They Stole Your Granny's Recipe!


The Denver Biscuit Company takes the Southern, backwoods breakfast biscuit and introduces it to the neon lights of the urban city! wont believe you're not in the south as the fresh, hearty biscuit flakes off into your mouth...only to make way for the juicy goodness that is to come; whether it be sausage, fried chicken or catfish!

I sampled the Dahlia; according to their menu it consists of: housemade sausage patty, apple butter, fried egg, and maple syrup (the only thing I would have added was a slice of cheddar cheese). It was almost as if I was sitting in my Granny's kitchen. It doesn't get any better than that folks.



Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Walking in the Footsteps of the Ute at 11,000 feet

I have long been fascinated with the various Native American tribes that first inhabited the Colorado territory. Upon learning that the Ute tribe frequented the area now known as Rocky Mountain National Park, I have been fascinated to retrace their steps and to try to see through their eyes. Just this week I finally got the chance to walk along the Ute Trail, which traverses heights of  over 11,000 feet. I pondered the view as if I lived in the 1800's (or beyond) and marveled that I was seeing the very same view that the Ute's saw as they hunted in this area during summer time. The hike was more of a stroll and at times I was actually being pushed along by the forceful winds that frequently blow through the high elevations. Situated off of Trail Ridge Road, the views are astounding! I will always remember this hike as I felt connected to nature and to history.