Thursday, November 17, 2011

Best Burgers Around Town, 2nd edition

In a past blog I listed my top three favorite burger joints around Denver. Well...I believe it is time for an update--a much needed one due to the fact that my previous list is now definitely obsolete after trying some new places!

1) Park Burger is my new favorite burger joint in Denver! In my opinion, these burgers are what the Cherry Cricket burger use to be like....the texture, size, feel, and most importantly the taste is perfect! I ordered a 1/3 lb. cheddar park burger and was really impressed. I also tried a bite of my friend's bbq burger (ask for real bacon bits...mmm!) and was so in heaven! Seriously, great burgers! They also have sweet potato fries that you can order with the works (scallions, ranch and bacon bits!!).

2) H Burger Co. was recently voted in the top three burger joints by three separate area chefs, as you can read about here. And aside from great burgers they have THE BEST milkshake in all of Denver!!--the Nutella Marshmallow shake!! MMMM!!! (update: H Burger has closed)

3) "Five Guys Burgers and Fries"has excellent burgers! Thick, juicy and delicious! I also love their natural potato fries...I like to add malt vinegar to their fries for an even better taste!

4) The Cherry Cricket. This place used to be my all time favorite but I think they got too popular that they weren't as consistent at serving up perfect burgers EVERY time...BUT they still have great burgers! Juicy, cheesy, 1/3 pound("little cricket") burgers and terrific fries!

5) Hops Grill and Brewery (Littleton, CO) serves consistently great burgers and their excellent beer selection is sure to enhance your experience! They also have a nice outdoor patio overlooking a lake for a fun summer outing.(update: Hops has closed)

6) Ruby Tuesday's Prime Burger (8 oz., 100% prime USDA beef). I know this is a big chain restaurant but seriously their Prime Burger is so juicy and tender that I have to rank it in my top five!

7) City Grille. I've mentioned this place before; it is a unique take on the classic burger. Great taste and creative twist! Check 'em out!