Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Crested Butte--Colorado's cutest, overlooked little town!

Crested Butte is officially my vote for cutest Colorado town!

I'm sure the locals probably don't mind if most of the tourists overlook their adorable ski
 town....but....I simply must express  regret of only just now learning about this incredibly
endearing old mining town! Situated north of Gunnison and southwest of Aspen, Crested Butte is nicely secluded away from it all....the downtown historical area is rustically charming (built in the 1800's)  with a clean, fresh coat of paint exuding an aroma fit for both modern trendsetters and those of the nostalgic pioneer spirit.

Like most Colorado mountain towns there is much to do by way of skiing, snowboarding, fishing, 4x4ing, nature watching....but once you will see that there just isn't another Colorado town quite as charming as Crested Butte.

 (But if you do find one as cute....I guarantee the people just aren't as friendly).


-Kebler Pass (great for viewing fall foliage)
-Gunnison (nearest supply town, Black Canyon of the Gunnison)
-Mt. Crested Butte (where the skiing happens)
-Several campgrounds nearby

Town website: