Monday, January 23, 2017

New Wildlife Drive: Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge

The Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge, located in Commerce City just outside of Denver, has made some noteworthy additions. This past summer they introduced over 30 black-footed ferrets to the refuge, continuing the effort to re-populate the species.
Also, within the past month or so they have opened the new Wildlife Drive, a vast stretch of road where visitors can meander through bison habitat, as well as, catch a postcard view of the front range.
Visitors should be advised to drive cautiously as there are a plethora of white-tailed deer often attemping to cross the road. The bison have also been seen on and next to the road. When I saw them they seemed slightly annoyed with the small amount of car traffic near them.
 (I find that I have mixed feelings about visitors now being able to be so close to them....)
However, the Wildlife Drive definitely opens up the park exposing expansive views and additional opportunities for wildlife viewing.

The RMANWR is a quick escape for urban nature lovers. There are "over 330 migratory and regular wildlife" species to behold. So grab your camera and a friend and head on over to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. Plus, it's FREE!

Wildlife tips:
Bald eagle sightings are most frequent between January and April. They are typically best viewed in the late afternoon as they come back to the trees to roost. However, it is possible to see them at all hours of the day.

Morning is a great time to see a variety of wildlife awake and on the move.

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