Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Denver Coffee Shops

Here are several of my favorite coffee shops:

1) Cafe Europa
76 S. Pennsylvania
Denver, CO

2) St. Marks Coffee House
2019 E. 17th St.
Denver, CO

3) Stella's Coffeehaus
1476 S. Pearl
Denver, CO

4) Paris On The Platte
1553 Platte St.
Denver, CO

Here is a cool blog all about Denver coffee shops.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Excursion Of The Week: Echo Lake

If you are looking for a fun day trip on the outskirts of Denver, check out Echo Lake. This is one of my favorite day trips because it is near Mt. Evans and Idaho Springs--so many options for activities.

Trip Details:

From Denver, take I-70 west up toward Idaho Springs. Take the exit for Mt. Evans Scenic Byway and drive up the highest paved road in North America (14,130 feet) toward the Mt. Evans Wilderness Area. The road seems to twist and turn for awhile but eventually you'll see Echo Lake on the right. There are parking spots, restrooms, picnic tables, and grills next to the lake.

There are several trails in this area. I really enjoyed the Chicago Lakes Trail. It literally seems to be right on the face of the mountain for parts of the hike. The scenery is beautiful. The trail winds down into the valley and over a stream. The hike back up is a workout, atleast if you are a bit out of shape like myself. :) But if I can do it, you can do it!

Additional activities:

After you finish tromping up and down the trail, if you still have some time and energy you can drive up to the top of Mt. Evans since the entrance station is just up the road. Or, if you're a bit tired and hungry you can head back the way you came and grab a famous mountain pie (what Idaho Spring residents call pizza) at Beaujo's. Actually, I highly recommend a trip to Beaujo's just about any day of the week. They have really great pizza and they are located in the center of Idaho Springs, a cute and historic mountain town.

Then, when you are finished with dinner, you can drive two minutes to the Indian Springs Resort and soak in the hot springs. They have a huge hot spring pool, as well as, individual hot spring tubs, and hot spring caves....but you should know that if you choose the caves option, it is gender specific and your birthday suit is required. So, if you can get over being naked and aren't with anyone of a different gender, then try sitting in a hot spring in an actual geothermal cave.

Have fun!


Saturday, August 25, 2007

Best Burgers In Denver

For an updated list check out my more recent post here.

Here are my top 3 burger joints in Denver:

1) Cherry Cricket
2641 E. Second Ave.
Denver, CO 80206

A little dive joint in the heart of Cherry Creek--but don't worry, you don't have to be rich, fancy, or pretentious to eat here; just hungry! Seriously, the bun, the cheese, and the burger become one at this place.

2) City Grille
321 E. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80203

They have a very unique burger menu. So, if you'r e looking for a really great burger with a fresh twist; check 'em out.

3) Fuddruckers
(various locations)

I know this is a chain restaurant but they serve up some of the juiciest burgers I've ever had. Plus, they have the best honey mustard sauce in town--very tasty on a burger or fries!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Excursion Of The Week.

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Go camping!

Buena Vista. Camp along Colorado's most popular river rafting destination; the Arkansas River. There are several places to camp in and around Buena Vista. My favorites are Ruby Mountain Campground and Hecla Junction, since they are right on the water. However, there are some less expensive campgrounds in the Chalk Creek area...and, of course, plenty of BLM area; which of course means free!


The best part of this trip is the scenery! Its absolutely beautiful driving from Denver, along US 285, into the Arkansas Headwaters area. The Collegiate Peaks are stunning! There is a ton of stuff to do in this area. You are in prime rafting territory and you are only 20-30 minutes away from one of the cutest mountain towns around--Salida. The town of Buena Vista is also a good destination if you need some supplies, groceries, or grub. Also, there are several ghost towns nearby to explore, Jeep and ATV rentals, as well as a couple of hot springs in the area. And, of course, plenty of trails to explore. But even more, its a great place to just sit and relax and listen to the rushing water of the Arkansas River.

So, grab your tent, your camera, and GO!

For more information:

My Favorite Breakfast Nooks

Here are my top 5 places to enjoy breakfast:

1) Mimi's Cafe

205 Abilene St.
Aurora, CO 80012
(there are 2 other locations but this is the one I go to.)

This place is so cozy! The ambiance here brings satisfaction to all of your senses! The food is fantastic--just like your Grandma's cooking! I love their belgium waffles! The service at this location has been consistently superb and attentive.

2) Dozen's

236 W. 13th Ave.
Denver, CO 80204

This quaint restaurant located in the heart of downtown, serves the PERFECT selection of eggs! I am very picky when it comes to my eggs, and they consistently whip up the best in Denver--always moist; never too dry! Their service is sometimes hit and miss, from my experience, but I still enjoy coming here for the food and the atmosphere.

3) The Delectable Egg

200 Quebec St.
Denver, CO 80230
(They have other locations but this is the one I frequent.)

For an all-around great breakfast this place is pretty much close to perfect. Their eggs are also consistently moist, not too dry. They have really good flavored coffee and they have speedy service.

4) Racine's

650 Sherman St.
Denver, CO 80203

This restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The feel is one of an artsy, urban sophistication; but with no pretention. I like to come in, sit at the bar, order my eggs with a mimosa and enjoy being alive at this place. Their breakfast menu is not as comprehensive as some of the other "just breakfast" nooks but their quality is superb.

5) Denver Diner

740 W. Colfax
Denver, CO

This busy diner is located in the heart of downtown. I like to come here when I feel like people- watching or journaling. All walks of life frequent this little diner, from urban to suburban. The service is good and the food is great.