Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Moose sighting!!

So, I finally got to see "the elusive moose" as one of my friends recently stated. I drove to north central Colorado to a town called Walden. From Fort Collins you head west on highway 14 for about a couple of hours. The entire drive is complete scenery; from the views of Poudre Canyon to the open landscape surrounding Walden and the surrounding area of North Park.

Although Walden is called "the moose viewing capital of Colorado", I found that the higher concentration of moose are closer to Gould, Colorado (about 30 miles east of Walden). Going on the advice of another blogger and a few other folk, I found that Cameron Pass and Long Draw Road are two great spots to check out. In fact, both days that I went looking for moose, I found them while driving along Long Draw Road. On the first day I went in the evening, just before dusk, and saw 5 moose! On the second day I went in the afternoon and saw 2. Anyway, it was so cool to actually see moose in Colorado! Up until 2 years ago, I had no idea we had them here!

Other Recommendations:

*Antler's Inn (lodging)
*North Park Inn and Suites (lodging

**Moose Creek Cafe (restaurant)
You have got to try their "K and K french toast"--made with raspberry sauce, powdered sugar and corn flakes.

Between Fort Collins and Walden:

There are TONS of campgrounds along the Poudre Canyon and all along highway 14! There are also about a half dozen cabin places to spend the night littered along the drive as well--some more modern or rustic then others.

So, if you'd like to see for yourself that Colorado is home to several hundred moose--be sure to check out north central Colorado.