Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Mesa Verde National Park

I absolutely fell in love with Mesa Verde National Park. Nestled in the middle of nowhere, toward the southwest corner of Colorado, is a time machine composed of rock dwellings. These cliff dwellings are what is left from an ancient civilization. It is believed that they left the region due to some type of possible water supply issues. Most of the sites you see only from a distance but a handful you are able to actually walk up to...or have to climb up, using a ladder. For some of these, you must purchase a tour ticket and schedule a time. But totally worth it!

There was so much history at this park that I felt richly connected to the primitive people's that first inhabited such dwellings. Seeing how dependent upon the earth these people were...made me really wonder if perhaps our society might not get too carried away with our technology-driven way of life. I walked away with a deeper respect for the generations past (even those from my Grandparents generation) who know how to plow the land and till and toil.

Anyway, for a dusty, primitive journey back in time be sure to check out Mesa Verde National Park in your lifetime.

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