Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Late Night at Denver International Airport

If you happen to fly in or out of Denver International Airport and need a late night snack or beverage be advised that your options are quite limited after around 10 pm. Apparently there are only two or three places still serving hot food late at night.....And atleast two of them are on concourse A.

However, there is a cozy little bar/restaurant that serves tasty treats that I have found very handy on a couple of occassions. The name is Chef Jimmy's Bistro. I highly recommend this place if you need to destress before a midnight flight. I am not sure why there aren't more late-night cafe's but I am sure thankful this place is open late.

**Updated: 7/2/16:  Chef Jimmy's is still one of the places open the latest at DIA. However, there are some nice new restaurants that have been added since my original post. Check them out here.

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