Sunday, June 22, 2014

My Favorite Colorado Hot Springs

Colorado is fortunate to have at least about a dozen popular hot well as some that are off the beaten path. I thought I would list my favorites for you and also a few that I am hoping to check out in the near future.

Favorite Colorado Hot Springs:
(Click on the underlined title's for links to the websites)

1. Strawberry Hot Springs
(Located in Steamboat Springs)
This place is awesome! I love the way they have kept the natural look and feel. They also have several small but cozy and rustic camping concoctions. Also, be advised that after dark is "clothing optional" soaking.

2. Mt. Princeton Hot Springs
(Located in Nathrop...between Salida and Buena Vista)
I enjoy these springs because they are in one of my favorite areas in Colorado. After a fun day of camping, hiking, rafting, or four-wheeling this is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon or evening. Also, they have a couple of big pools but the coolest part is being able to find a few of the completely natural hot spots on the bank of the river (when the water is not too high0--right next to the commercialized pools.As of 2013, Mt. Princeton Hot Springs is now more of a resort-with an additional lodging facility and private pool for those staying in the lodge.

3. Hot Sulphur Springs
(Located near Granby)
What I like about this place is that there are around a dozen individual pools...some smaller and bigger than others. This can make for a cozy atmosphere if there aren't that many other guests. However, if the place is packed...then it could feel like alot of sardines in a can....but usually you can find a nice little pool for yourself and friends.

4. Indian Hot Springs
(Located in Idaho Springs)
This is probably the closest hot springs from Denver. It is a quick relaxing getaway located in the old mining town of Idaho Springs. One of the cool features of this resort is their Geothermal Caves. Guests can sit in an actual pool inside of a cave. However, one thing to know is that the caves are divided among and wives would not be able to go into the caves together...and note that bathing suits are optional (it used to be mandatory NO bathing suits; glad that has changed).. There are private pools and there is also a main pool.

5. Glenwood Springs Hot Springs
(Located in Glenwood Springs)
This resort is one of the main attractions to the town of Glenwood Springs. It lies right in the heart of town and can often be seen full of happy guests and swimmers. This is one HUGE hot spring pool! This offers more of a communal and open space for children and swimmers.There are actually two large pools that from a distance look like one large pool; one averages around 90 degrees (more of the swimming/active pool) and the other is around 102 degrees. Also, nearby is the Yampah Vapor Caves where you can also spend a day relaxing and steaming.

6. Cottonwood Hot Springs
This is a small but cute commercial hot spring with a handful of pools. A nice quaint oasis near Buena Vista and Cottonwood Pass. As of 2014, they have added some additional lodging facilities.

A few that I want to eventually check out:

7. Pagosa Hot Springs
(Pagosa Springs)

8. Orvis Hot Springs

9. Conundrum Natural Hot Spring
(off the beaten path hike near Aspen)

For some other hot springs that I have not mentioned, check out the Colorado Hot Springs Enthusiast Blog here.


Jessica said...

Thank you for introducing me to some hot springs I didn't find through my own internet searches earlier. I'm going to book a reservation tomorrow!

Jess said...

Awesome!! Thanks for the comment! Hope you had a great time!

Manda said...

Love the hot springs! Only been to two, and one of them was Indian Hot Springs. Was there August 2012, and had a great soak. I also did the clay/mud detox, which was fabulous. Very reasonably priced. Want to go back next time I am in Denver.

Lindsay said...

GREAT list. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Maybe not in CO but just as close as Pagosa Springs is Ojo Caliente Mineral Spring a fantastic Zen like break. About 45 min outside of Santa Fe...just look up their website, you'll be captivated! Tell them j Stewart sent you!

liza said...

I have to share my experience at the Indian Hot Springs. A child around the age of four years old, with no swim pants, had an accident in her suit (in the water) and her mother dragged her out to the restrooms leaving a trail on the walkway. THERE IS NO LIFEGUARD, therefore nobody to close the pool down and treat the water accordingly. I'm totally turned off by this place. It's old and dingy and unsanitary. I would be willing to bet they don't even test the water like they should.

Jess said...

Thank you for sharing. Indeed, Indian Hot Springs is definitely not the cleanest or nicest. I list it mainly because it is the closest hot springs to Denver. I will also say that most of the hot springs that I have been to do not have life guards on duty. And some of Colorado's popular hot springs have been in the news regarding not checking their water cleanliness like they should. They are a great luxury but for sure it is enter at your own risk.

If you get a chance to check out Strawberry Park Hot Springs I would definitely recommend them. There are some indoor hot springs in Salida that are very clean but they loose the outdoor feel.

Thank you again.